Thursday, December 16, 2010

a story about friends going to Jupiter for a holiday.

Brownie, johny, and Thursday Elephant are good friends of Pichai.  What ! you don't know who is pitchai!
That is me.  that is the nick name given to me by my grandpa.

When I was in America, Brownie, greenie, yellowee, reddie, were all in my house. they will say bye bye when I go to school in the morning.  they will wait at the door when i come back in the evening.

Today all of them came to chennai, to see me. but i was away.  So they were waiting. When I did not come from the school, they went to my school.  they were very happy to see in my new blue uniform.  They were very happy.

Brownie wanted to go to some park. Johny said, why not we go to jupiter!
How can we go to jupiter, thursday elephant asked.

Then hanuman appeared before us and took us all to Jupiter. We enjoyed our holiday at Jupiter. But at that time our miss from our school also landed there.

Why pitchai ! you are here ! we were wondering why you did not come to the school.  Come with us. she told us. then all of us went along with miss in a rocket.  It went up and up and up and then down down, back to earth.
next day i went to the school.
I scored 25 out of 25 in my maths cycle test today. My grandpa was very happy. He said i will get you a toy. what toy you want he asked. a train toy, i told him. What ? u are already having 100 train toys. you still want a train toy?
Yes. i said, I want a diesel engine toy.  Grandpa said i shall get it for you.

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