Monday, August 9, 2010

Garden birds,blackbird song AND the nightingale

You know one day i asked thatha, my grandpa, thatha, i saw two birds picking grain alternately. Can u get me that toy for me ?
Why not ! I shall today get it for u, thatha said.
Thatha, my grandpa, searched and searched for the toy in all the toy shops today, but everybody said we have bird toys but not that toy.

then grandpa thought why not i request birds to fly and come to ceebros garden.
Then he flew into the skies. There he saw the black bird. oh ! my sweet bird !
Why dont u go to Ceebros garden and play with my grandkid pichai ?

Yes. i shall. said the black bird. the nightingale came. Thatha asked nightingale.Will you also go with the black bird.

Yes. Very much. you know I am a friend of pichai.

Is it !!

thatha wondered. And it was a surprise, that both the black bird and the nightingale landed on the Ceebros Garden today.

Do you listen to their singing now ?

very very sweet.

These birds pichai like very very much.
do you also like them?
then email pichai
so he will put more birds here.

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