Friday, June 11, 2010

Pichai goes to worship Peruamal with all his pets !!!

johny, bluee, yellowee, greenee, reddie, whitee, blackie are my pets. One day, all the pets wanted to go to the temple and see God.  But I wondered whether the watchman in the temple allow my pets inside the temple.  When I told this, all my pets were very sorrowful.  
Then yellowee hit upon an idea.
" I have an idea." said yellowee.
" what is it?" asked others in a chorus.
"We shall all pray to God."
Then all of us started praying.  It went on for one full day.
Nothing happened.  We all slept on the same bed.  
Next morning we got up.
What a surprise !!
Perumal was before us.  
How come God Perumal before us !!  I wondered.

Perumal said:  I knew that you wanted to see me but could not come to see me.  So I came here to see you all !!

Yellowee said:  And that is why You are God.

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  1. //And that is why You are God.//

    And, that is why, we are all yellowees and blackys and whitees to Him. :))

    Nice post!!